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Cost efficacy of RBI Grade 81: Savings of up to 50%

The economic savings attributable to the use of RBI Grade 81 are in the following categories:

✔ The ability of RBI Grade 81 to stabilise all in-situ soils avoiding the otherwise necessary replacement of in-situ material
✔ Saving on labour costs, contractor cost, engineering cost, equipment costs and raw material costs
✔ The increased productivity of the construction site, projects completed well ahead of schedule
✔ Complete elimination of on-going maintenance costs under all weather conditions
✔ A reduction in vehicle damages

Results: Bangalore-Hoskote-Mulbagal section, National Highway 4 in state of Karnataka under NHDP Phase III A

Area of Cost Saving Achievement Savings
Saving in construction time:
Conventional method time requirement for 1 km length:
RBI Grade 81 time requirement for 1 km length:

30 Days
15 Days

Saving in aggregate material:
Aggregate required by conventional method for 1 sqm area:
Aggregate required by RBI Grade 81 for 1 sqm area:

0.4 cum
0.06 cum

Saving in truck trips (40 ton trucks)
Trips required for 1000 sqm in conventional method:
Trips required for 1000 sqm using RBI Grade 81:

320 Trips
50 Trips

Direct cost saving in construction cost
Cost per sqm using conventional methods:
Cost per sqm using RBI Grade 81:

Rs 1001.41
Rs 845.00

Saving in maintenance
There is no maintenance cost to a road built using RBI Grade 81
The use of RBI Grade 81 reduces the collective associated costs of road construction by up to 50% when compared to the equivalent projects completed using conventional methods, taking into account the savings in:
  • • Construction costs
  • • Time to construction
  • • Maintenance costs