Construction Process

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Before starting construction activity, soil samples to be obtained from the site and technical properties to be tested in lab for CBR, PI, Particle Distribution analysis to know about the dosage of RBI Grade-81 to be added. After adding the required quantity of RBI Grade-81 again samples to be tested for treated soil to achieve the required CBR, MDD, OMC, PI and UCS as per design.

Scarify and rotovate the sub grade soil or pavement layer (sub-base or base) to ensure a homogeneous mixture.

Add the stabilizer by means of hand spreading or bulk spreader to the soil and rotovate into the scarified soil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained

Add water to the mixture in order to reach the optimum moisture content (OMC), and rotovate into the soil / stabilizer mixture
   • Water is required to initiate chemical reactions and for compaction purpose

Shaping and Compaction of stabilized layer
   • Shaping to be done with the help of Grader up to the required camber and profile of road and compaction to be done .
   • Minimum compaction effort of 10 ton roller

Field construction control
   • Determining field densities
   • Removing cores from the pavement layer wherever applicable but only under the guidance of engineer in charge