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RBI Grade-81 has the following features and characteristics when mixed with soil.

✔ Fully bound, impervious, and flexible pavement.
✔ A primed pavement base ready for bitumen/asphalt without the need for primers or primer components of the first seal
✔ A pavement primer which is resilient, and with a high strength bond
✔ Restricted working time constraints eased (even when used with cement) - time constraints are a problem with most other stabilisers
✔ A hard wearing pavement for traffic before seal - this feature improves safety and lowers costs
✔ Suitable for full traffic loading immediately after works are complete, and before seal
✔ High resilient modulus, suitable for maximum highway axle load (the technology developed from the Mining industry where 400 tonne
   trucks are in use)
✔ Suitable for a very wide range of soils and soil sizing distribution including 0 to 40 plasticity index. This includes no clay to high clay     percentage. It can produce a reliable high strength base, from sandy materials to black soil
✔ Provides a very strong bond between bitumen and/or asphalt seal and base - the bond cannot be separated by the blade or wheels of a     grader - one of the strongest bonds possible between base and seal
✔ Suitable for making pre-mix stabilised base material that can be produced, if required, off site in a pug mill, or heap mixed and     transported to site.