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Stabilising floors for sheds and other industrial buildings using RBI Grade-81

RBI Grade-81 stabilisation is suitable for new or existing sheds/buildings
Use RBI Grade-81 for a floor that:
✔ Is as hard as concrete, yet more resilient and flexible than concrete or normal cement stabilisation
✔ Costs around 10% to 20% the price of concrete and much less than bitumen or asphalt
✔ Lasts the life of your shed
✔ Is easy to sweep clean and disinfect
✔ Is highly resistant to cracking, even when mixed with and/or laid on top of poor support sub-soil material
✔ Can be made from local clay gravel, sand/gravel/silt, sand/silt, or sand/clay
✔ Is low maintenance, easy and cheap to repair
✔ Is stabilised with simple "do it yourself' procedures with basic plant that may be readily hired or operated by
    local contractors