Pothole Repair

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✔ Potholes of any depth may be repaired with RBI Grade-81 pre-mix or In-situ mix and resulting a long lasting repair.
✔ Applied to potholes in wet conditions after cleaning the surface and will remain as a permanent filler for the life of the pavement or     beyond whereas the asphalt pre-mixes can not be used in wet condition.
✔ Pavement pre-mix is suitable for a wide range of conditions and temperatures, even below zero degrees.
✔ Costs of RBI Grade-81 pre-mix is much lower than cost of commonly used cold and hot asphalt pre-mixes.
✔ Stronger, more flexible and more resilient, offering longer life and greater reliability.
✔ Pothole Repair - loose material must be cleared from the site. The surface is then dampened and the pre-mix placed, followed by leveling     and compaction.
✔ Direct application process is simple, reliable and without constraints.
✔ Large patches may be repaired using conventional stabilizing machines or by blade mixing with a grader and compaction to be done with     the Tandem vibratory roller.
✔ RBI Grade-81 heavy patches will be dust free and hard wearing even under heavy traffic for long period after application.