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To build at the lowest cost and with the lowest on-going maintenance requirements.

✔ A highly reliable road pavement base out of a wide range of poor grade and sub standard materials that are situated over undesirable and normally unacceptable sub grade.

✔ A method of converting unsealed urban and rural roads to sealed roads, achieving this by using on site, or nearby materials.

✔ Reliable heavy patching for all sealed roads, from the smallest job to the largest, thus capable of lasting well beyond the life of the     remaining pavement.

✔ To make it practical for full pavement rehabilitation to be achieved at low cost, with low on-going maintenance, by progressive heavy patching of a pavement.

✔ To provide a stabilised base with a very strong bond to the seal that will prevent, or be highly resistant to, formation of potholes in the future.

✔ To make the work of road stabilisation simple, easy to carry out, and as safe as possible, irrespective of the size of job and plant available.

✔ To supply a product suitable for the largest and most sophisticated specialist plans to the simplest, most basic plans. This makes the benefits of stabilisation readily available at a reasonably low cost in all parts of India.

✔ To provide the best possible self-primed pavement base for sealed roads, at the lowest cost and lowest on-going maintenance.

✔ To provide an alternative priming procedure for all granular pavement bases that produces a far stronger and much more reliable result than conventional kerosene type/bitumen primers and primer components of seals.

✔ To provide a product which can be used effectively and will give reliable performance in the widest possible range of soils and climates, from the tropics, to mountainous ground-freeze conditions, and for use in all weather conditions.