Mine Haul Road

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Use of RBI Grade-81 on Open Cut Surface Mine & Quarry Roads and Underground Mine Roads

The most common and appropriate uses for RBI Grade-81 as a stabiliser are as follows:
I.    Access and haulage declines
II.   Haul roads and access roads
III.  Underground store and workshop floors
IV.  Cross measures drift roadways
V.   Underground roadways combined and shared with underground railways
VI.  Steep access to slopes
VII. Ramps
VIII.Hard stand areas
IX.  Workshop floors
X.   Storage areas

When constructed, laid, and finished property, these roads will perform like an asphalt sealed highway, rarely (if ever) requiring grading.

As with all roads, surface or underground in a Mine or on a public highway, they should be well drained and kept clear of water. When RBI Grade-81 is used, drainage is often easier and cheaper than with other road materials.