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Benefits for Roads Stabilised with RBI Grade-81

✔ Provides an impervious, flexible, dry and hard wearing road
✔ Greatly reduces time of construction
✔ Increases the strength of roads
✔ Makes soil water resistant and prevents damage to road foundations
✔ Has greater durability than regular roads
✔ Cuts down on transport, earth-moving and construction costs
✔ Very low road maintenance cost
✔ Better tyre to road grip (reduced wheel slip) and reduced tyre wear
✔ Reduced fuel consumption during construction
✔ Reduced vehicle maintenance
✔ Can be used by unskilled labour, as well as with sophisticated machinery
✔ The opportunity to provide and easily maintain road profile and correct pavement super-elevation
✔ Substantial net overall financial savings in most cases, reducing overall production costs per tonne
✔ Mine Roads - Faster climb for loaded trucks
✔ Mine Roads - Greatly reduced use of water carts
✔ Mine Roads - Graders almost eliminated
✔ Industrial & Mining - Reduced vehicle cycle times may lead to greater production